What Happens If….I do not have a policy and my employee is injured?

In 2019, over 2.8 million nonfatal injuries occurred in the workplace. Household employees, like any other industry professional, are subject to injury. Caregivers, nannies, and housekeepers can injure themselves under your watch, which can lead to heavy fines and ongoing problems for everyone involved. Around six months ago, when a caregiver severely injured her back […]

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An increasing number of US families report spending 10% more than in previous years for child care. Since the revising cost of childcare is making this service inaccessible for many families, those that require household help have turned toward nannies. In turn, hiring a nanny has become a much more appreciated option than it was in previous […]

What Happens if…You Have a Policy and Your Employee Is Injured?

Buying an insurance policy for a domestic worker (such as a nanny) is not a legal requirement in most states. However, sensible families always get one. That’s because the consequences of not having one can be so extreme.  John and Susie were just an ordinary family – like anyone else – who wanted someone to do simple chores around […]