In 2019, over 2.8 million nonfatal injuries occurred in the workplace. Household employees, like any other industry professional, are subject to injury. Caregivers, nannies, and housekeepers can injure themselves under your watch, which can lead to heavy fines and ongoing problems for everyone involved.

Around six months ago, when a caregiver severely injured her back on the job, we were extremely happy to hear that her employer had purchased a workers’ compensation policy for their household to protect her. That day she was assisting the 200-pound client out of the bathtub, and even though she was using proper technique, her back was injured.

The Importance of Insurance

Normally, this scenario does not turn out well if there is no coverage in place because the household is faced with significant medical costs to pay the injured employee out of pocket which prohibits them from having the funds needed to pay a replacement and allow for continued care for their loved one.

However, thanks to the workers’ compensation policy they purchased and the insurance company’s claims department’s prompt response, the caregiver’s initial medical bill and ongoing treatment was taken care of. Since the back injury was severe, the caregiver could no longer work for the family while they recovered so the policy also took care of paying lost wages.

Cover For Your Loved Ones

After the injury, the homeowner’s loved one still needed care. Without an insurance policy, her senior care would have remained without continued care.

Instead, thanks to the tailored policy they had purchased, they were able to cover the expenses related to a temporary replacement, medical bills, and ensure that everyone received the right help and support. And, this is all the power encased in just a single policy! Discover the best alternative for your unique situation today.