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The team at RT Specialty is proud to support Bhalu Insurance Services, a specialized workers’ compensation program designed to meet the unique needs of families with domestic employees (nannies, senior caregivers and housekeepers). We have collaborated with AmTrust, an A- rated insurance carrier.

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    To expedite the application process, you may be asked to provide the following:

    MVR records -

    If your Caregiver drives as part of his or her duties, a copy of their driving record (Motor Vehicle Report) taken within the last 30 days is required. (Option available to have driving record obtained for a $25 fee)

    Claims History Report -

    If you have had a previous Workers Compensation policy on a Caregiver and there were claims, a copy of the claims history report (loss runs) will be required.

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    0.4Supplemental Questions

    Have you ever had any prior Workers’ Compensation coverage on any caregivers employed in the home?

    Are there any other W2 employees working in the home besides caregivers for your loved one(s)?

    Are caregivers required to have driving duties while on the job to run errands for the loved one or take them to doctor appointments?

    Will your caregiver be residing in the residence where the care is being performed?

    Are you a part of caregiver sharing arrangement with another family where you will jointly be employing the same person looking after each family’s loved one at the same time?

    Will your caregiver ever be asked to perform the following job duties: (Check any that apply)

    0.5Description of Employment

    Will your caregiver ever be asked to perform the following job duties: (Check any that apply)

    Note: This is the standard description of employment for a senior caregiver. If your situation is different please make the changes in the box above.

    0.6General Information

    Any seasonal employees?

    Any employees under 16 or above 60 years of age?

    Do employees travel out of state?

    Any prior coverage declined/cancelled/non-renewed in the last three (3) years?

    Any tax liens or bankruptcy within the last five (5) years?

    Any undisputed and unpaid workers' compensation premium due from you or any commonly managed or owned enterprises?

    Any employees with physical handicaps?

    Does the applicant own, operate or lease an aircraft or watercraft?

    0.7Other Information

    Important:The standard workers' compensation application has numerous questions that typically don't apply to this particular application type. Instead of asking you to answer these questions we have excluded them from this questionnaire.

    Do / have past, present or discontinued operations involve(d), storing, treating, discharging, applying, disposing, or transporting of hazardous material? (e.g. landfills, wastes, fuel tanks)

    Any work performed underground or above 15 feet?

    Any work performed on barges, vessels, docks, bridge over water?

    Is applicant engaged in any other type of business?

    Are sub-contractors used? (If "Yes", give {cb1ca61dcc6fd2085102a7d5d0177baa5511c5afedc8 d09 5013024c77997555d} of work subcontracted)

    Any work sublet without certificates of insurance? (If "Yes", payroll for this work must be included in the State Rating Worksheet on Page 2)

    Is a written safety program in operation?

    Any group transportation provided?

    Any group transportation provided?

    Is there any volunteer or donated labor?

    Are athletic teams sponsored?

    Are physicals required after offers of employment are made?

    Any other insurance with this insurer?

    Are employee health plans provided?

    Do any employees perform work for other businesses or subsidiaries?

    Do you lease employees to or form other employers?

    Do any employees predominantly work at home? If "Yes", # of Employees

    What is the estimated gross annual payroll for all direct privately hired caregivers?

    How many caregivers are currently employed?

    Full Time

    Part Time

    0.8Application Review

    **The undersigned attests that all information provided is both accurate and truthful. All information provided is subject to verification by way of an underwriting survey or inspection. You must notify All Risks, LTD. of any significant change in operations or payroll. Terms of insurance coverage may be cancelled for misrepresentation if information provided is inaccurate.**

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Families that don’t have workers’ compensation insurance coverage take on significant risk if there is ever a workplace injury. This means paying out-of-pocket for the employee’s lost wages and medical expenses. A significant accident could be financially devastating. Here is a real-life case.

    In addition to financial liability, in states where workers’ compensation is required, there are substantial fines for non-compliance. Finally, workers’ compensation insurance provides legal protection because employees who accept benefits generally forfeit their right to sue the employer – regardless of fault.

    We can write coverage in all states, except AK, ND, OH, WA, WY

    Please see our State by State breakdown here.

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    Thank you for your interest in obtaining a workers’ compensation policy through the Bhalu Insurance Services program. The goal of the program is to provide access to specialized workers’ compensation insurance policies to meet the unique needs of families with household employees.

    From easy quotes, to streamlined applications and expert claim support, Bhalu Insurance Services is dedicated to making workers’ compensation insurance simple to obtain and simple to manage.

    For more coverage information, please contact